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Student Story Of The Week

“I was so pleased when I came across ‘Aspiring Solicitors’ at a chance meeting with Chris White on my way home from a training contract interview.

Chris has been incredibly receptive and proactive when dealing with any queries I have raised.  Having someone review my CV and training contract applications has given me the reassurance that my CV is sound and my application writing skills are good. I couldn’t have got this support easily from elsewhere. Not only has Chris reviewed my CV and made a number of suggestions about how I could improve it, but he also assisted me to secure a two week placement in the employment department at Pattinson & Brewer Solicitors.

Being given this opportunity at Pattinson & Brewer was really encouraging; I learnt a lot and was able to develop my knowledge of employment law.  I was given varied tasks to complete, all of which developed my drafting and client-facing skills. I undertook legal research, conducted telephone interviews with clients and drafted documents such as, witness statements, instructions to counsel and contracts of employment. Positive feedback from Pattinson & Brewer has helped me improve my legal skills and has greatly increased my confidence in my abilities.

During my placement at Pattinson & Brewer, I was put in contact with a solicitor who was recruiting a paralegal to work within the Business and Legal department at Universal Music Group. Having applied for the vacancy I completed an interview and an assessment and was offered the job. I am so delighted to have been given this opportunity to develop my knowledge and practical experience of commercial and intellectual property law.  It is as a result of ‘Aspiring Solicitors’ and the dedication of Chris White that I had the opportunity to demonstrate my legal skills at Pattinson & Brewer and was subsequently recommended to Universal Music Group.

I cannot emphasise enough how beneficial and reassuring Chris’ assistance has been. As somebody who does not have friends and family practicing law, it has been invaluable for me to be able to ask advice from someone with expertise in the legal field and the recruitment process.  Chris has always been really encouraging and has spurred me on in my quest for a training contract. With his help, I am confident that this year I will secure a training contract, even though the market is competitive.

My advice to students and aspiring solicitors is to put the hours in and ensure you achieve excellent academic grades and get as much practical experience as possible. Do utilise the ‘Aspiring Solicitors’ Facebook page (and website), as it is a fantastic way to get expert guidance from someone with extensive experience and a genuine interest in assisting others.”


Esme Strathcole, aspiring solicitor from Birmingham University