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New AS/Barclays Mentoring Scheme!!!!!

BarclaysAspiring Solicitors are looking forward to a unique new mentoring initiative in collaboration with Founder Member Barclays!

The AS/Barclays mentoring scheme will be open to 40 AS members the Autumn.  Applicants will be decided in August and confirmed on the program by the end of the month!

The objectives of the scheme will be to:

  • develop mentees’ commercial awareness – e.g. rationale behind deals, news items such as Brexit;
  • improve confidence and experience in speaking with professional lawyers, giving mentees an opportunity to ask questions on an informal basis; and
  • otherwise, be flexible in scope according to the needs of each mentee – intending not to be too structured / prescriptive so this works best for the mentor / mentee on an individual basis

Further details on the scheme will follow.  In the interim, if this sounds interesting to you, please apply ASAP as we will consider applicants on a first come first served basis!


To be eligible for this opportunity you must:

  • be an Aspiring Solicitors member;
  • be an aspiring commercial solicitor; and
  • have demonstrated a solid commitment to your legal career (we are not screening on grades but on commitment and performance in the context of achievements).

How to apply?

Applications are now closed.

Further Information

The mentoring will take place in Birmingham and London and reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed where required.