Mock Interviews and Assessment Centre Preparation

Mock Interviews and Assessment Centre Preparation

Ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the interview/assessment centre that could change your life! We can offer you a 30 minute one-to one session over Skype or the telephone, preparing you for your forthcoming interview or assessment centre. You will receive comprehensive, thorough feedback during each session. The session will be held by one of our expert Employability Team.

Mock Interviews will consist of the following:

  • Motivational questions, such as why law and why the firm at which you are interviewing;
  • Competency based questions;
  • Commercial questions; and
  • Strength questions

Preparation for an Assessment Centre:

We will walk you through your assessment centre, telling you what to expect during each exercise, how best to prepare, and how to tackle (and excel at!) each exercise.

Please note that Aspiring Solicitors’ Mock Interviews & Assessment Centre Preparation Sessions will only be offered to our members who have secured a Vacation Scheme/Training Contract interview or assessment centre.

Due to limited availability at present, priority will be given to our members who have secured interviews with our partner law firms.

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