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How Many Firms To Apply To?

TOO MANYSome application deadlines have already passed, most are rapidly approaching (31st January).  One of the questions I am regularly asked during the Ask Chris slots is “how many firms do I apply to”?  This is a tricky question to answer as it has so many variables but I can definitely encourage you NOT to do what I did, which was apply to 100 firms!  The reason being that applications for vacation schemes and training contracts should take you a long time to do properly.  Therefore, you will be spending half a year on application forms which is not advisable or possible given the timeframes!  Researching the firm, drafting your answers and proofing your work should take at least 5-10 hours per application form depending on the type of application form/firm.

However, I would also encourage you not to apply to just 1 or 2 firms.  Instead, I would recommend applying to at leat 6 or 7 firms.  Make sure these applications are tailored, as close to perfect as possible grammatically and that you have prepared for each one accordingly.  I would also encourage you to contact the Professional Ambassadors who would be glad to review these for you and give you their experienced opinions.   Getting a fresh pair of eyes to look over your application form is very helpful, especially when they are fresh and experienced eyes.

Please also avoid submitting your applications close to the deadline.  This suggests poor organisation and planning and doesn’t create a great first impression!

Please also consider the Legal CV Tips and Cover letter tips on the AS website.