Legal Work Experience

Barclays Legal Experience Weeks

  • Date:September 2021
  • London, Canary Wharf

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What is BLEW?

Each year, Barclays provides 50 Aspiring Solicitors members with a one week work placement with Barclays Legal Team at Barclays’ headquarters in Canary Wharf. BLEW is an opportunity to join Barclays’ legal teams for one week of unique insight into the working of an in-house legal function and how it supports a world leading financial institution.  The programme delivers structured sessions over five days, including work shadowing, workshops and networking opportunities.  Each week is currently expected to be structured to include:

  • Introduction to Barclays Legal including panel session with keynote legal speakers.
  • Employability skills and networking sessions
  • Work shadowing in the Barclays Legal Function.

When are the schemes?

  • 7 September – 11 September 2021
  • 14 September – 18 September 2021


Both weeks will be based in Barclays Global Headquarters in Canary Wharf, although there may be visits to other sites in London.  You will be notified at the beginning of each week if your work shadowing is at another site in Canary Wharf.


  • You must be an Aspiring Solicitors member from one of our four underrepresented groups;
  • You must not have accepted a training contract with any law firm or legal team;
  • Undergraduates from any year are welcome to apply, as are graduates and career changers;
  • You must have an interest in pursuing a legal career; and
  • You must have received or be on target for at least a 2.1 degree classification (excluding mitigating circumstances).

Anyone who has previously attended BLEW is not eligible to apply.

Application process

  • The process is CV blind and takes place across two stages: submit an application form and a video interview.The application window will open in February 2021 and will close on 28 May 2021.
  • No late applications will be accepted, for any reason (including any technology or connectivity issues).
  • Stage One: you will be required to complete and submit a short eligibility and application form (please see the link on this web page)
  • Stage Two: the strongest applicants will be invited to participate in a video interview. Please note that this is CV blind.
  • Outcome of application process: If you are successful after Stage Two, you will be offered a place on the BLEW scheme via email.
  • Applicants that take part in BLEW will have their reasonable travel expenses for journeys from outside London reimbursed. Accommodation costs and travel within London (e.g. TFL underground fares) incurred to participate in the scheme will not be reimbursed.