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Legal Work Experience For Every Aspiring Lawyer!

As you all know, legal work experience is essential in the pursuit of a legal career (which is why Aspiring Solicitors has already provided over 300 legal opportunities to Aspiring Solicitors members in 5 months)!  Still, a common misconception among aspiring lawyers is that the only opportunities to gain legal work experience are through formal work experience/vacation schemes or a mini pupilage and these are only available to 2nd/3rd years.  This is simply not the case!

For the thousands of aspiring lawyers throughout the UK, please take advantage of the free legal work experience you can gain this summer- public viewing galleries at Magistrates Courts or Employment Tribunals!  Attending these legal arenas will not only demonstrate your commitment to a legal career, it will also enhance your communications skills (listening), legal knowledge and commercial awareness.  It may also provide you with justification for not pursuing a particular career which is often as important as knowing which route you do want to take!

Application forms for training contracts often ask “have you considered any other careers?” or “why do you want to become a lawyer?”  Attending a Magistrates Court and/or Employment Tribunal will assist you to answer these questions.  You may even find you are able to secure more formal work experience off of the back of these opportunities!

If you would like Aspiring Solicitors to set you any questions or tasks whilst attending a Magistrates Court or Employment Tribunal, or you have any questions relating to this, please click here.