Internal Diversity Networks:

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Christa Feltham

Christa Feltham

Having partially grown up in a foster family in Austria and as a first generation lawyer, I had no contacts in the legal profession – law was by no means an obvious career choice for me. Moving to and studying in England, integrating into society and the culture, were all things that caused me difficulty. In my view, overcoming these frustrations, fears and experiences has enabled me to understand the challenges students face from similar non-traditional backgrounds.

Carol McCormack

Partner and Chair of Michelmores Diversity & Inclusivity Group

Firm Quote On Diversity:

We are committed to developing an inclusive working environment, where everyone has the opportunity and encouragement to fulfil their potential. Our Diversity & Inclusivity group meet regularly to discuss ways to further embed an inclusive environment within the Firm and review progress on improving diversity. Michelmores actively supports the widening of access to the legal professional and focuses on ways to recruit, support and promote underrepresented groups. Our approach to Diversity & Inclusivity is supported at all levels within the Firm. It is by working together collaboratively and capitalising on individual strengths that we create success as a team.