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Internal Diversity Networks:

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Rachel Lindberg

Rachel Lindberg

I chose to train at Hogan Lovells because I was convinced that its commitment to diversity is genuine, not just a policy document, and that it forms a fundamental part of its ethos. Hogan Lovells understands and appreciates that if everyone in the firm looks the same, sounds the same and thinks the same, then it cannot possibly grow and opportunities could be missed.

I knew I had made the right decision when I joined the firm for a vacation scheme. At no point during the placement did I feel that the fact I am LGBT, have a strong North-East accent, am state school educated and a first generation graduate would ever be a barrier to being a successful lawyer at Hogan Lovells.

Diversity at Hogan Lovells:

50:50 Network


The 50:50 network seeks to promote the advancement and retention of female talent at Hogan Lovells by providing a networking and support forum for its members, engaging with firm-wide strategy and policy development, and organising awareness-raising events.”

Hogan Lovells Pride


Hogan Lovells Pride is a network for LGBT+ colleagues and straight allies. It aims to ensure Hogan Lovells is an environment that is LGBT+ friendly and inclusive, not just LGBT+ tolerant, and to make a positive contribution to the lives of LGBT+ colleagues, Hogan Lovells generally, and wider society. The network also celebrates the contribution LGBT+ people make, creates and maximises business opportunities through LGBT+ connections, and provides confidential support, information, and advice on LGBT+ issues for colleagues throughout the firm.”

Multicultural Network


The Multicultural network aims to increase the firm’s awareness and understanding of issues relating to culture, ethnicity and faith, and foster a culture of mutual respect and inclusivity by celebrating our differences.  The network holds a range of events throughout the year, including our ‘Multi-stories’ speaker series and other awareness-raising events.



StepUp is a network for and run by trainees, associates, and senior associates which aims to create targeted opportunities for networking, business development, and growth. StepUp offers a range of informal client and internal networking opportunities throughout the year as well as other initiatives which support its population and the firm’s diversity objectives. StepUp also focuses on championing gender inclusivity throughout the firm.”

Working Families


The Working Families network aims to increase awareness and understanding of issues associated with trying to achieve a balance between responsibilities at work and at home and to act as a consultation network for matters relating to employment strategy, policy development, and related issues, ensuring that working practices are as inclusive as possible.”

Ruth Grant

Global Diversity Partner

Firm Quote On Diversity:

Diversity is at the core of who we are and how we do business.  We are a high-performing global team with people from different backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences, and we strive to reflect in our culture the diversity of our communities and our clients. This plays a major role in the growth and success of our people and our business.