Internal Diversity Networks:

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Daisy Robson-Odugbemi

Daisy Robson-Odugbemi

Trainee Solicitor
Dentons has an inclusive culture which is something I have experienced on an individual level as someone with a disability. In my time at Dentons, I have worked in different departments across teams in our offices and I have always felt supported by everyone I have interacted with and comfortable to talk about my visual impairment. When applying for my training contract, I had no concerns discussing the adjustments I would need and I had a really positive experience at every stage in the process. Dentons provide a truly supportive environment where your voice will be heard, regardless of your role or status. I was able to approach our Diversity and Inclusion partner to discuss having a network for those with disabilities and long-term health conditions, a team of us came together and we now have a steering group in place.

Diversity at Dentons:

Inspire is our gender equality network

The aims of Inspire are to:

*Drive gender equality at Dentons by supporting and promoting the development of female talent in all areas of the business.

*Procure access to mentors (men and women) and role models.

*Influence policies and procedures at Dentons to create a more gender equal workforce and to raise greater awareness of matters of concern to women in the firm.

*Listen to the women in the firm and create a working environment where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential.

*Inspire is open to all and we actively encourage our male colleagues to get involved.

GLOW is our UK network group

The aims of GLOW are to:

*Increase the visibility of LGBT staff and partners at Dentons and encourage, via an Allies programme, a greater sense of understanding among non-LGBT colleagues on matters relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

*Provide a supportive environment for LGBT staff and partners, including professional support and career progression.

*Act as consultee/adviser to the Firm’s management on LGBT-related issues.

*Promote and maintain the external visibility of Dentons UK as an LGBT-friendly firm.

*Explore business opportunities, including contact with other professional and client LGBT organisations.

 Parents and Carers  

Initially started in 2018 as an event for Dentons’ parents and their clients who are on, or recently returned, from parental leave. It was an opportunity to meet people with their young children in tow and in an informal setting to share personal experiences with like-minded individuals. The core aim of Parents Connect is to build personal relationships in a new and innovative way.

Our LGBT Allies network

We have an active Allies network. An Ally is someone who supports or wants to show solidarity with LGBT colleagues. Anyone can be an ally. They may have LGBT friends or family or just want to be supportive of fellow colleagues.

Allies can play a vital role in making the office a better place to work for LGBT people. This is because when non-LGBT people speak up, they can have even greater impact because they have no vested interest.

Many LGBT people may be unsure as to whether to be ‘out’ at work. GLOW provides support during this process, but the security of knowing they will be treated with respect by, and have the support of, Allies is vital in helping LGBT colleagues feel able to be open about themselves.

Global LGBT+ Network

In addition to GLOW, Dentons also has a Global LGBT+ network. This has 2 main functions:

*Connect existing regional LGBT+ affinity groups with each other.
*Support, and act as a connection for, LGBT+ colleagues across the firm, in particular where no affinity groups currently exist.


Our Black Professionals Network (BPN) is a network of lawyers and other professionals at Dentons. It was set up by a number of our lawyers to support and mentor black lawyers and other black professionals at Dentons; to raise awareness and encourage understanding across the firm of the issues and matters that concern black colleagues and generally encourage and help recruit diverse talent to the firm. By doing so BPN hopes to achieve its goals to establish Dentons as a place where black lawyers and other black professionals thrive.

BPN is involved in various initiatives, including setting up an internal mentoring scheme, working with the Amos Foundation to provide mentors for its student programme and professional development training as well as awareness-raising events. BPN organises various activities in conjunction with the UK’s Black History Month.

The network is open to all and everyone at Dentons is encouraged to get involved.


The Asian Professionals Network (APN) is Dentons internal network relating to colleagues identifying as Asian and other colleagues wishing to support the network group. All are welcome regardless of ethnic background.

The aims of the APN are:

*Provide a supportive environment for Asian staff and partners where they can thrive professionally, through professional support, mentoring and career development.

*Assist the Firm in increasing the number of Asian staff/partners at (and applying to) the Firm, through outreach to universities and other bodies and promoting Dentons UK as a place where Asian people can progress and achieve their goals.

*Increase the visibility of Asian staff and partners at Dentons.

*Explore business opportunities including raising the Firm’s profile among Asian clients, and contacts, networking opportunities and leveraging Dentons’ expertise in Asia, and membership of external groups.

*Act as consultee/adviser to the Firm’s management on issues relating to Asian staff.

The network is open to all and everyone at Dentons is encouraged to get involved.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Our Inclusion and Diversity strategy in the UKIME region is organised around the three pillars of:

  • Talent: to attract, retain and progress exceptional talent from diverse backgrounds;
  • Culture: to pivot our culture towards inclusion by leveraging inclusive leadership, assigning accountability and encouraging staff engagement; and
  • Clients: to engage with our clients on D&I to progress the agenda together.

We continue to focus on increasing access to the profession by supporting and implementing inclusion and diversity initiatives, such as our Solicitor Apprenticeship programme, PRIME and the Social Mobility Business Partnership.

Our diversity networks focus on gender, ethnicity, LGBT, disability and family & carers to build inclusivity with colleagues by engaging all our people on diversity and inclusion. We are driving greater collaboration across our networks to raise the visibility of intersectionality and increase the visibility of relatable role models to inspire careers. 

Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson

Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Firm Quote On Diversity:

Creating an inclusive and diverse firm is a global priority for Dentons and a value that connects us. This helps us achieve our aims; by creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion, the unique talents and potential of all our workforce can be recognised, encouraged and supported. Increasing access to the legal profession is essential in creating this culture of inclusion, and supporting the work of Aspiring Solicitors is a key part of our diversity and inclusion agenda.