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“The Lawyers’ Lunch At Norton Rose Fulbright Was Amazing”

The Aspiring Solicitors Lawyers’ Lunch at Norton Rose Fulbright last month was a great event.  Please don’t just take our word for it, instead, please consider what the students had to say about it below!

“I found the event extremely useful. It was a great and relaxed atmosphere for gaining insight into the law firm. I have nothing negative to say. The trainees were friendly and took us to different places in the firm. They answered all the questions we had and even asked if we had more questions. The event has put Norton Rose Fulbright on top of my list of training contract applications. This event ranks highly with the other events I have had the privilege to attend.”

“A brilliant chance to get a first hand insight into the culture of the firm, to hear from trainees their individual experiences and routes to the career. The combination of lunch and tour was brilliant and allowed for an informative, comfortable and open event.”

“For me, the event was invaluable. The information I received from the trainee solicitors was honest and insightful and I gained a lot of extremely useful knowledge from attending the event, specifically for me the insight I gained in terms of obtaining a vacation scheme and the culture of Norton Rose was brilliant. Moreover, an important positive from attending the event, especially for me as a first year history undergraduate was the greater confidence it gave me in pursuing a career in an international law firm. Especially, after speaking with different trainee solicitors, all of whom had taken a different route into the profession.”

“I found the event extremely useful, particularly the chance to speak to a wider range of trainees than at similar events at other firms. Norton Rose Fulbright did well to organise different trainees to take us on the tour of the offices as it gave us a chance to gather different perspectives to compare to those of the trainees who accompanied us at lunch. This really emphasised the fact that Norton Rose Fulbright accommodates a range of diverse, but equally ambitious, trainees.”

“The event was very useful in helping us find out more about Norton Rose Fulbright, that we would not get through other research, including getting to know the culture and work atmosphere of the firm.”

“I found the lunch very insightful in that, in such settings as that of yesterday, trainees and associates alike are very ‘exposed’ and tend to reveal the more inconspicuous details of their professional lives that one can not garner from a firm’s website (e.g. Work life balance, the culture of the firm, any other hidden perks such as subsidised gym membership etc.). This, of course, is vital information that can really influence one’s opinion of the firm; after yesterday, for example, I was very impressed by the firm (and what their trainees had to say about them) and am very much inclined to apply to Norton Rose for a vacation scheme and any other open days etc. that may come my way.”

“I found the event really useful, it not just simply gave us the opportunity to explore the working environment in Norton Rose Fulbright, but also to receive valuable knowledge for the application process. Talking to the trainees offered me a different perspective regarding my approach to the application form and now I feel more comfortable about it. The lunch also was helpful in a sense that I was able to see what kind of people work in the firm as well and to decide whether I can see myself working there in future.”

“The atmosphere was amazing- associates/trainee solicitors are very friendly and nice who share a lot of their experiences and suggest constructive advice.”