Warwick Law Society

At Warwick Law Society we pride ourselves upon our core principles of diversity, inclusion and acceptance and count ourselves incredibly lucky that such diversity exists within our society.

In the 2018/19 academic year, we aim to ensure that diversity and inclusion is being focused on in several ways. In October we will elect our Equal Opportunities Officer and look forward to collaborating with the African Caribbean Society, Black Women’s Project and Anti-Racism Society to celebrate Black History month.

One of our key areas of focus this year is reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. We endeavour to create a safe space for our members by providing extensive welfare support, working with organisations including Mind Aware on campus.

We understand that diversity comes in many forms including gender, race and religion, amongst others, and value hearing about the experiences of our members which can provide new perspectives. We look forward to what we hope will be a successful year for D&I initiatives.

Nadim Somani

Third year LLB Student

Prior to undertaking my summer Vacation Schemes, I attended the Springboard: VS+ event hosted by Aspiring Solicitors. The event was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the experiences of other students who had completed vacation schemes at various law firms. On the day I was able to network with fellow aspiring solicitors and gained a more authoritative insight into what to expect on my Vacation Schemes.

During both of my vacation schemes I was able to act on the advice given to me and found myself at a distinct advantage over other candidates, having practiced many of the assessment exercises with beforehand

Having completed both of my vacation schemes and successfully securing a training contract, I would attribute a lot of my success during the schemes to Aspiring Solicitors and their support.

Maaya Sachdev

President of Warwick Law Society 2018-2019

Last summer I attended the Aspiring Solicitors Springboard into a Vacation Scheme workshop, a one-day program where I honed application and interview skills. The day was delivered by Gemma Baker who drew upon her experience in graduate recruitment to give us honest advice on what to do, and what not to do, during the application process.

For me, there were two highlights. The first of these was having the opportunity to network with trainees, and fellow participants. Hearing about the successes of members who had worked closely with Aspiring Solicitors, all of whom came from a diverse range of backgrounds, was inspiring. Secondly, the mock group exercise was an invaluable opportunity to develop skills prior to interviews. It was incredibly useful to receive feedback after our group presentations and reassuring to have some idea of what we could expect in a real interview scenario.

Looking back, having secured two vacation scheme offers and a training contract offer, I would say that this workshop was instrumental in helping me to understand my own strengths and weaknesses and really put my best foot forward.