University of Portsmouth Law Society

The University of Portsmouth Law Society is one of the largest academic societies on campus. This year’s executive committee has voted on our three core themes which will be central to our concept of operations as we plan our events, speaker series and competitions.  They are Community, Mental Health Awareness, and LGTB Issues and the Law. We believe targeting these core issues will give our Law Society a better sense of direction and purpose throughout the year.

Through our core theme of community, we intend to not only to seek sponsorship and mentorship from our local legal professionals but mentor up-and-coming law students from our Portsmouth community. Our aim within the Mental Health Awareness is twofold: We have restructured our society to encourage more participation. We will also seek to educate our members on their mental health-related rights at school and work through panels, speakers and events. Within our final core theme, the focus will be on transgender rights and issues within the law.  Through this, we hope to engage non-law students who are passionate about their civil rights and liberties.  If you are interested in finding out more about the University of Portsmouth Law Society, visit our website at!

Molly Dilling

Third-year LLB Student

Coming from a state school and going to a non-Russell Group University, I was told that my chances of becoming a successful solicitor were low, which really knocked my confidence. In my second year, I was an Aspiring Solicitors campus ambassador, which gave me a completely different perspective. Aspiring Solicitors has shown me that your background does not matter. I went from being nervous and shy, to proving that success isn’t measured on your background, but on your ability and desire to succeed. Meeting people through AS gave me so much more confidence and belief in myself and my ability.

Leah Adams

Aspiring Solicitors Campus Ambassador 2017-2018

I have been a member of Aspiring Solicitors for two years now and held the role of Campus Ambassador in my second year at University. Being part of Aspiring Solicitors has been a great help to enhance my CV and secure further work experience. Since then, I found being part of AS is a great way to demonstrate your initiative to pursue a legal career. AS, has provided me with unique and invaluable opportunities, advice, and support. I would encourage and recommend anyone interested in a legal career to engage with AS and make the most of the services they offer.