University of Nottingham Law Society

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

Diversity and inclusion is important to us as a diverse network breeds academic and cultural stimulation in a university environment and the workplace. The world is changing, and here at Nottingham Law Society we want to be leaders and shape the future.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

Our Welfare Officer organises our Diversity and Inclusion events, our Charity Officer works with the new Diversity Council to gain a more representative view of what the students want to learn about and the challenges different people face, making our events are more inclusive.

In addition, much of our energy this year has focused on expanding the reach of our events and attitudes to our non-law members.

This year, we have increased the three-part Diversity Series to five and have introduced a Diversity Council. Our objective with the Diversity Series is to inspire students and dispel any thoughts that they cannot be a lawyer due to their background or a characteristic. During the panel discussions we ask the guests to be honest and acknowledge the challenges and barriers, whilst also motivating our students and giving them the confidence to pursue a career in law.

Lisa Sheldrick

Welfare Officer

As the Welfare Officer, it is my responsibility to organise our Diversity Series and co-lead the Diversity Council with the Aspiring Solicitors Representative. We are seeing our students challenging leading international law firms on their approaches to unconscious bias in the recruitment process and their strategies to aid career development of underrepresented members of society.

Imogen Eastwood

Vice President of Nottingham Law Society

The University of Nottingham Law Society has delivered an increased commitment to diversity and inclusion this year in every respect. Our collaboration with leading law firms serves to highlight to our members the importance of diversity and inclusion, not only in academia, but in the legal profession as a whole.