University of Northumbria The Grey Society

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

The Grey Society is the biggest law society and largest society overall at Northumbria University therefore diversity and inclusion are of paramount importance. The Society has worked hard to increase diversity by providing a friendly and inclusive community for students to engage with through a variety of socials and range of employability events.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

This year, the committee has advertised for diversity reps, whether they be LGBT+, mental health or BAME rep and we have been ecstatic to see the applications and the interest in these positions. We have appointed a first year and second year representative to be the face of the Grey Society for their year group. We hoped that as a result of this, we could better engage with these year groups. This has been a huge success with several diversity issues communicated through these reps who themselves not only diversify the committee in respect of age but also in faith. Last year, we invited a representative from Aspiring Solicitors to speak to our members about applications for training contracts and pupillage. This inspired members to reflect on their own unique selling point and embrace their diversity as well as utilise this to bolster their applications.

Shannon Richardson


The Grey Society recognises that the legal profession currently has a lack of diversity which is inconsistent with a modern society. We are dedicated to ensuring that we provide equal opportunities for our members regardless of their background and status.

Kate McIntyre

Charities Officer

The Grey Society is dedicated to diversity and equal opportunity. It is for this reason that we have advertised for a diversity representative to represent BAME students. We’ve also appointed year group representatives to ensure that all opinions are represented.