University of Exeter BAME Law Society

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

We believe that everyone is unique and so should be proud of who they are. As a result of this, we strive to provide access to equal opportunities, as diversity increases the access to the numerous talents, perspectives and ideas that students have to offer.


Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

We are the very first BAME initiative established in Exeter. We are a very new initiative established in November 2018. In the short time we have been established, we have already met with our University’s Provost Commission, which is the body responsible for student welfare, and we have made presentations to alert the commission of the deep-rooted issue concerning racism and discrimination on campus. We have also proposed solutions on how we could move forward, and make real change, for example cultural awareness training for both staff and students during freshers’ week. This will ensure that students and staff members are more aware of cultural differences, and ensure that they are inclusive of the wider student body.

Our Committee is very diverse. We range from African students to Asian students to students of different socio-economic backgrounds.

In January 2019, we launched a new mentorship scheme to give students from underrepresented groups access to equal opportunities.

Ikenna Henry Onyebuchi

Co-Founding President

I believe Exeter BAME Law has created an awareness within the University of Exeter of the importance of diversity. Not only recruiting students from diverse backgrounds, but creating an atmosphere in which these students will thrive, instilling them with confidence as they pursue their career ambitions.