University of Durham Law Society

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

Diversity and inclusion is important to our Law Society as we believe that this is where change starts. By promoting diversity initiatives and planning diversity events on campus, we seek to pique the interest of students from a wide variety of backgrounds, encourage them to apply to the City and be a direct contributor to the increasing diversity in the legal profession.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

Within last year, our Law Society has implemented a tremendous diversification of its committee. For example, in 2017 only 33% of the law society executives were ethnic minorities. This increased to 73% in 2018 and has since stayed the same. Also, the majority of committee members this year are female.

Furthermore, our Law Society introduced a Diversity Officer role in 2018. The role of the Diversity Officer is to help individuals from backgrounds which are traditionally underrepresented in the legal profession with their pursuit of a legal career. They do this by promoting legal opportunities targeted towards these individuals. Our Law Society is also in the process of collaborating with Aspiring Solicitors and other law firms to deliver a diversity panel event which will take place in 2020.




Ifeoluwa Bayo-Oluyamo

Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the University of Durham Law Society, 2019-2020

It is essential as a Law Society that we promote diversity and inclusion because ensuring accurate representation across the student body is key to making our society, and the legal profession itself, accessible to many. It is not only law firms that have the responsibility to promote diversity, rather diversity can be promoted across at all levels. If the pool of talent available to law firms is diverse, law firms will subsequently become more diverse.