University College London Law Society

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

Diversity and inclusion is important to us because we recognise and celebrate our members cultural identities and want to create an inclusive environment where they can excel. At the UCL Law Society, we hope to reflect the increased emphasis on diversity and inclusion from employers and develop future leaders in the legal profession.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

We created a new Diversity, Inclusion and Overseas Officer position in our committee in 2019 to give greater emphasis to diversity in our society. We have introduced a three-part Diversity and Inclusion Series this academic year, which includes a Women’s Panel, Mental Health Panel and BAME panel. We invited diverse members of the legal profession (chambers, law firms and NGOs) to speak to our students at these panel events. During the panel discussions, we asked the panellists to be honest and open with our students on the challenges and barriers of entering and progressing in the profession, and to inspire and motivate our students to pursue a career in law.


Rushil Puri

Diversity, Inclusion and Overseas Officer, 2019-2020

With society members coming from 79 different countries, diversity is integral to life at UCL. Facilitating an inclusive environment is essential in creating a sense of comradery throughout a challenging degree.  Through our Diversity and Inclusion Series, we provide minority students with a platform to network and gain tips from professionals with similar experiences. We’ve embraced our differences through social events like our Diwali Dinner and Oktoberfest Night. We’re committed towards supporting all our members through our “Starting Point” booklet, outlining budget-friendly activities in London, and our “Affordable Accommodation” booklet that lists affordable real estate agencies.

Raphael Khoo

President of the University College London Law Society, 2019-2020

The UCL Law Society has shown an increased commitment to diversity and inclusion this year. Our collaboration with leading law firms and chambers on our Diversity and Inclusion Series, coupled with our various overseas themed social events, highlight this commitment.