The Grey Society (Northumbria)

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

Our Law Society believes every person should be able to pursue a career in law, regardless of their characteristics, and that those who are passionate and dedicated should not be deterred based on factors which they do not control. By improving diversity and inclusivity within our society, we aim to contribute to the rise in diversity within the legal profession by encouraging and supporting those not traditionally represented to utilise their unique talents.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

Over the last year we have greatly expanded the diversity representation in our society. We created a number of new diversity specific representatives including LGBTQ+, disability awareness and international representatives to represent our diverse range of members. Our committee speaks for itself, with a variety of committee members being from different religions and ethnic backgrounds. We have expanded our role of Charity Officer, to Charity, Equality and Diversity Officer, in order to increase diversity and awareness in our society.

Additionally, we have created a buddy scheme, which involves mentoring first years, many of whom come from non-traditional backgrounds, to inspire them to believe in themselves and the impact they can make in the law.

Shannon Richardson

President of The Grey Society, 2019-2020

We are committed to increasing diversity and inclusivity in order to improve access to the legal profession from traditionally underrepresented groups. Last year, we elected our first ever diversity representative, not knowing how such a role would work, and now it is amazing to see others from non-traditional backgrounds come forward and represent other members who need support.

Celebrating my fourth year on committee, I am proud to see the amount of change that we have managed to achieve and cannot wait to watch new students come forward and speak out about who they are, refusing to let anything hold them back.

Gina Miller

Charity Equality and Diversity Officer for The Grey Society, 2019-2020

As the Charity, Equality and Diversity Officer for our society, I am very much involved in making sure our society is available to all individuals. I do this by supporting people from different minority backgrounds and encouraging them to get involved. We are holding a diversity panel next year to showcase the talent of different diverse groups, to encourage members that nothing can hold them back.