SOAS Law Society

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

We believe our Law Society should promote what our university stands for, with an emphasis on multiculturalism and multi-dimensional thinking. Whether it is via our members, careers prospects, training and development, we believe being committed to improving opportunities for our members, regardless of their background or circumstances is a key aspect in ensuring they reach their potential. In essence, our Law Society believes the best way to provide insight into the legal profession is by showcasing the diverse and inclusive opportunities available to our members.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

Our Law Society strives to increase diversity at every one of our events. Where possible, we aim to bring a mix of both genders, ethnicity and LGBTQ+ representatives. We began this initiative within our committee itself, for example, our vice president wears a hijab. We believe that by showcasing diversity within our executive committee, students will be encouraged to interact closely with our Law Society. Our events ensure students access different areas of the law sector and we include a variety of speakers. For instance, for our ‘Annual Speed Networking event’, we invited and interacted with a range of legal professionals including; barristers, arbitrators, solicitors and advocates. We ensured there was a mix of genders and ethnicity, to allow students to interact with a diverse set of professionals. We regularly work with Aspiring Solicitors and other diversity platforms to engage with members from socially mobile backgrounds to ensure this is reflected in our Law Society.


Dianna Reyes Rafael

President of SOAS Law Society, 2019-2020

Our Law Society has provided students with the opportunity to attend events where a large number of professionals and speakers have come from diverse backgrounds. In a society where inclusion is a pressing issue, it is very important that students are able to feel comfortable in the legal profession in order to excel, knowing that their background will not hinder their progress. I believe that our Law Society achieves this.