Queen’s University Belfast Women in Law (Lean In Circle)

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

Our student-led peer group initiative recognised a gap in acknowledging the diverse experiences and career ambitions of law students who identify as women at Queen’s University Belfast. We talk openly about our ambitions and encourage each other to take on new challenges. Our members became more confident, ambitious and aware of the role that gender plays during their legal studies but also when they enter the legal profession.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

In the last year, our committee has grown to include not only more black and minority ethnic students but also includes committed undergraduate and postgraduate representatives. Our event speakers have been women who come from a variety of legal career paths.

In planning our events, we have always had the firm commitment to highlight that a successful career in law for those who identify as women may not be a straight path. To ensure that we remain as open and inclusive to a diverse range of students, we have always run our events on campus, free of charge and open to all students, either male or female. We also run events at different times, either during lunch, late afternoon and evenings. This is to encourage both undergraduate and postgraduate participation. Every event operates like an informal one-hour seminar, where attendees can share their experiences, seek advice, and gain career insights from guest speakers.

Abena Aduse-Poku

Postgraduate Committee member

Our informal sessions invite all students from a wide range of backgrounds to foster a space for women to come together and support each other. As a group we always consider how to strengthen our efforts to make our Circle a more inclusive environment. We believe that true power is the power of our speech and change can only begin when you speak.

Madeleine Huber

2nd year LLB student

QUB Women in Law has been consistently working on getting speakers and representatives from all different kinds of backgrounds and walks of life. From the very beginning, they have always been champions of diversity and inclusion in the School of Law. As a member, I enjoyed the events that focused on current topics and niche areas of law.