Open University Law Society (OULS)

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

The very nature of the Open University is to be innovative, responsive and inclusive and by extension the Open University Law Society (OULS) follows the same mission and upholds the same values. We welcome all OU students, past and present, not just law students.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

I have been with the OULS committee since April last year. Being part of a society such as this has helped me so much on my journey into the world of law. Being disabled and in a wheelchair has never been an issue, I have been included in everything possible. The society as a whole is committed to showing that just because once there was a stigma surrounding the legal world this is no longer the case. We engage in a number of activities which are open to every person no matter their religion, race or disability. On our committee we have people from all walks of life and members can communicate with our team any way they want. We have people from different countries, with disabilities and different religions and beliefs – no one is discriminated against.

Mike Linnane

Chair 2018/2019

I am very proud to be associated with the OULS and am particularly pleased with the innovations and opportunities that enable awareness of difficult issues. The way Committee members are always available to talk to students regarding any issues they have and the enthusiasm that members engage with fighting social injustices is truly inspiring.

James Sudworth

Vice-Chair 2018/2019

Diversity and inclusion help form the bedrock of the OULS policies. We have many members who may be disadvantaged or simply from a minority background. Some of these members are forced to learn from a distance by their situation, or simply choose distance learning in order to care and provide for their families whilst studying. All of whom are welcomed with open arms and actively encouraged to use their diversity to enhance themselves.