NUI Galway Law Society (Ireland)

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

We are committed to inclusion and diversity for our members at university level. This in turn will provide them with the experience and a positive perspective towards diversity as they enter the legal profession in the future.


Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

This year we held a referendum to change our constitution, to introduce gender quotas and promote gender equality within our society. While the vote didn’t pass, it had an amazing knock-on effect in that we had a record number of women putting themselves forward for positions and as a result, for the first time our society has an almost equal number of male and female members. Women felt more comfortable in putting themselves forward and therefore being voted onto the society, based on their capabilities and merits rather than due to a gender quota.

Our key focus this year was addressing gender equality and inclusion in relation to students and members with disabilities. Our initiative insured that our events and meetings were accessible for all students.

Law Society Committee

Diversity, equality and inclusion are of paramount importance to our Law Society and we acknowledge the prevalence of equality issues within our university and in society as a whole. We are committed to confronting these issues head on, this year and in our three year strategic plan.

Law Society Committee

NUIG Law Society has committed to diversity and inclusion at the earliest stages, being one of the first campus societies to adopt an Equality Officer. This innovation has seen changes to our operations as a society, as well as ensuring that members’ needs are met. The society has been in operation for many decades and with the role of the Equality Officer in place, the next one will be its most transformative.