Manchester University Law Society

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

The University of Manchester is home to students celebrating cultural, sexual and religious differences. Additionally, the global nature of the university attracts international students from varying backgrounds. Therefore, it is our responsibility as this university’s leading law society to embrace these differences and to ensure these students feel ready to face the challenges ahead of them. Inclusion also allows us to continue to learn by utilising the experiences and knowledge from our diverse pool of students.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

This year, our society prioritised diversity by holding events to celebrate diversity and to address issues our students are facing. Our main event will be held at the end of February of this year to celebrate the diverse nature of our University and society. It will feature a keynote speech from our diversity officer, Zheng Hong See. Zheng hopes to address the challenges that continue to face BAME students and how to prevail over them. Law school staff will also be attending to show support and to give students a perspective on how they overcame the challenges their differences presented them. Our second semester plan is to host info-sessions specifically targeted towards international students facing language barrier difficulties and/or inclusivity issues regarding networking sessions. This will enable our students to overcome any fears they may have regarding networking and to seek language support to help them adjust to life in Manchester.


The Manchester Diversity and Inclusion officer (Zheng Hong See)  wrote in his bio on our website ‘Diversity, is not mere words, but actions; not only me, but all of us.’ This quote perfectly encapsulates his mission this year which was to include not only members of the society but to reach out to as many students as possible whether they are law or non-law students. His goal was to increase participation from BAME students across the board by conversing with these students in society events, networking sessions and attending other societies’ events to ensure that they are comfortable and well equipped to face the challenges ahead of them.

A member recently commented on the society’s continuous commitment to diversity and how it has ‘helped shape them into a more confident and capable student.’ This is primarily due to the multitude of events that this student and many others have attended.