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Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

As the most international university in the UK, with students from more countries than those in the UN, it is incredibly important that we promote diversity and inclusion. LSE is a place in which you are able to acquire positions of responsibility regardless of your background, and we are proud of this.


Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

For our elections in March, we encouraged our membership to put themselves forward for a position, ensuring they did not feel uncomfortable or worried. We are happy to say that our 2018/19 committee is the most diverse it has ever been in terms of ethnicity and sexual orientation. Our officers take into account the varied privileges and profiles of applicants in order to ensure a level playing field.

For our Know The City Legal Forum 2018 (our biggest commercial law event), we introduced for the first time ever a Diversity and Inclusion Panel discussion, which lasted for 45 minutes and was a key part of the event. We felt it was important that our diverse membership had an opportunity to ask and be inspired by the range of lawyers and business staff from the top firms in the world who came from traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds.

Natalie Tsang


As a woman from a BAME background, I always felt there was some sort of glass ceiling, especially in law. The LSESU Law Society’s ongoing commitment to encouraging students to strive for everything they wish to achieve gave me the confidence to pursue my career path, successfully achieving the first step.

Law Society Member

Coming from a different country to attend university in London was an incredibly daunting experience for I was directed towards the LSESU Law Society in my freshers’ week through the Law Department, who assured me that it was an inclusive community which provided social and career opportunities, as well as a place to feel welcome.