Law4NonLaw Society Sheffield

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

We focus on the encouragement of diversity within legal professions. As non-law undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Sheffield, we strive to help shape and support all opportunities available to students who intend to or are currently converting to Law. We see a gap in access to opportunities for non-law undergraduates and aim to improve these experiences. These are open to all students, no matter what level of current study or discipline.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

During the academic calendar, Law4NonLaw delivers relevant legal resources and information for all its members with the most popular form of provision through the organisation of numerous career events. Students gain a broader comprehensive knowledge about the workplace and a greater understanding of commercial aspects of the legal profession.

We host activities such as the end of term celebrations, lively socials including bar crawls, meals out and our Winter and Summer balls. The Law4NonLaw Society strives to help all members meet new friends with common interests, to develop and support your legal skills and to form a networking foundation ready for the workplace.

We aim to have a diverse range of opportunities and ensure we have an inclusive environment and a range of speakers for our members to engage with.





Simran Sangherra

President of Law4NonLaw Society Sheffield, 2019-2020

The Law4NonLaw’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is clear from the full range of events which the society has run. There are often non-law undergraduates who have had previously limited exposure to the legal world, and the society’s welcoming and inclusive approach resolve these concerns.

The opportunities are comprehensive with a focus on improving diversity within the legal sector and promoting opportunities to BAME, disabled, LGBT+ and other marginalised groups. The society is committed to improving social mobility and offering extensive support to its members of non-law backgrounds.