Cambridge University Law Society

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

Cambridge University Law Society is the largest law society in Europe, and with that comes a responsibility to ensure all of the members of our society feel empowered to join the profession of their choice, in particular the legal profession.


Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

Our main committee of almost 40 are recruited through an interview and screening process that places weight solely on the basis of the candidates’ skills and experience, and as a result we have almost achieved gender balance (20F-17M).

We hope to increase diversity by inviting speakers from a variety of backgrounds and careers to broaden the types of people and professions currently featured by the Society.

CULS is planning on introducing a book-lending scheme which will hopefully ensure that core textbooks are more affordable for our members. We also aim to introduce discounts to our annual events and socials for students who receive the Cambridge Bursary to ensure that these events are equally accessible to all students.

Erica San

President of Cambridge University Law Society

As a member of Aspiring Solicitors, SEO, UpReach, Rare Recruitment and a participant in various access to law schemes (PRIME, The Sutton Trust, UNIQ), I understand the tangible impact of access initiatives in the legal profession and how valuable this impact is on young people like me.

As a result, I am committed to promoting diversity, inclusion and equality of opportunity in the workplace through the work of the Cambridge University Law Society and am excited to work with organisations like Aspiring Solicitors going forward!