BPP Law Society, London

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

According to Forbes 2017, diversity and inclusion in postmodern society has been proven to outperform individual decision-makers as a result of increased diversity. Furthermore, it ensures that everyone has an equal chance of attaining success no matter the playing field.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

In the past year, it has been imperative for our Law Society to directly reflect the university’s environment. As a result, there are seven different nationalities out of the eleven committee members. Our ethos is ‘Diversity, Efficiency and Progression’ as we know the plight of the modern-day law student.

When reading the law, we have reiterated to our members that it is pivotal to expand one’s peripheral vision. Increasing diversity was firstly done by our column for the BPP Student Association Magazine, titled ‘Mental Health and the Law – What Comes After the Conversation’.




De'Yonti Mahoney

Co-President of the BPP Law Society, London, 2019-2020

In my opinion, individual diversity is recognised and respected but there are still intersectional diversity issues in the workplace. Inclusion, involves the cultivation of an individual’s contribution to their social environment, which can positively determine a higher level of success. Our Law society will try to connect and collaborate with other societies to organise formal debates, share fresh ideas and host events to develop awareness and change.