BPP Law Society, Birmingham

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

Diversity and inclusion is integral to our Law Society. Our executive committee and our members come from a range of backgrounds and we take pride in this representation. During a time when law firms are striving to recruit candidates on the basis of their talent, we are keen to assist our members in availing of the increasing accessibility to the legal profession by positively interacting with firms.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

Our Law Society recruited its committee via a CV blind process, choosing to focus on the skills and varied experiences of candidates rather than purely academics. There is no charge for membership to our society and we try to ensure all of our events are free where possible. This is to ensure finances do not form a barrier to our members. We are actively looking to appoint Society Ambassadors for those on part-time courses and already have an LPC (part-time) Ambassador. It is important to us that we appeal to all BPP students. We try to arrange events at a convenient time for all students. Our first event was an Applications Workshop by Arjun Patel, Aspiring Solicitors’ Universities Officer, and was attended by a diverse group of students. Attendees were inspired by Aspiring Solicitors commitment to increasing diversity within the profession.


Heena Thakur

Solicitors’ Careers Officer for BPP Law Society, Birmingham, 2019-2020

From recognising the importance first-hand of organisations such as Aspiring Solicitors and other diversity platforms, I am committed as our Solicitors’ Careers Officer in ensuring we welcome, respect and appreciate the value of our members. Through events and workshops, we strive to remove the difficultly students face when determining which opportunities are best suited to developing their skills. As a society we are committed to making the legal profession the best it can be, inclusive of all backgrounds.

Harnik Singh

President of BPP Law Society, Birmingham, 2019-2020

The ethos of the committee is to welcome all backgrounds. We aim to remove barriers to attendance at our events by ensuring we welcome all attendees and do not charge to attend. Our goal is to guarantee the society continues to align itself with the values of diversity and inclusion.