Birmingham University Law Society

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

Diversity and inclusion is at the centre of our Law Society because we want all our members to be on a level playing field and to avail of all the opportunities available to them throughout the university. Our Law Society has a diverse cohort of members, and the Club aims to ensure that any cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic backgrounds are not considered barriers for career prospects or university life.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

Our Law Society introduced a Diversity and Welfare Officer (DWO) in 2017 to ensure that diversity and inclusion is given exclusive consideration. In 2018 this was increased to two DWOs. In the last year, our members elected a committee of eight women and four men, with a range of backgrounds represented. For us, if our committee is diverse then this will a benefit our members from the events we hold and the interaction they have we our society. We also hope that this make our committee more approachable.

In the last year, our Law Society has held various events promoting inclusion and diversity. We have hosted events such as Women in Law which was sponsored by DLA Piper and a Diversity Evening which was sponsored by Clyde & Co. Both events provided practical, forward-thinking and well-rounded advice in respect of succeeding in a law firm irrespective of background.


Neave Lloyd

Vice Chair of Birmingham University Law Society, 2019-2020

This year we have aimed to expand our approach to diversity and inclusion by both hosting and bringing awareness to appropriate and supportive events. We have also been conscious to include religious and cultural events in our society’s newsletter so as to actively represent all our members. We are always looking for opportunities to take part in and host events with a diversity and inclusion focus, so that our society is more representative of the diverse community at our university.