Leicester University Law Society

Why is D&I important to your Law Society?

Our Law Society is proud in playing a pivotal role in the creation of future judges, barristers, solicitors and professionals. We believe we have a responsibility to nurture our members to understanding diversity and inclusion so that the legal profession can provide better opportunities and support for groups that are traditionally underrepresented. Diversity is not just a fundamental ingredient to our ethos as a society but is woven into the very fabric of everything we do.

Highlights of ways that your Law Society has tried to increase diversity

In response to the NSSS data that demonstrated a satisfaction disparity between BAME and non-BAME students within the Law school, the Diversity Officer has begun the crucial process of facilitating focus groups to allow BAME students to discuss their experiences.

Alongside this, we are hosting a Black Men in the City scheme. The scheme was designed to encourage an underrepresented demographic of our university’s students to join the Law Society where we could provide support and offer assistance.

Beyond this, our Law Society will be hosting events in the second semester regarding the class system within the legal industry and black women’s hair in the workplace. The Law Society has made continued efforts to understand diversity on a more holistic level, with officers dedicated to supporting international and non-law students.

Lydia Selcuk

Academic and Diversity Officer for Leicester University Law Society, 2019-2020

As the university Law Society, we not only play a fundamental role within the legal department, but we also often provide students with their first experience of the legal profession. Therefore, my mission this year has been to champion every student by offering them a platform to speak about the issues that matter to them and a seat at our table. Furthermore, as a society we have begun conversations with the faculty members to ensure change happens beyond the walls of our group. Diversity is not just part of what we stand for, but also a fundamental ingredient of a great legal system.