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king&wood134On 18 November, Aspiring Solicitors co-hosted an Open Day at King & Wood Mallesons. I had not been back to King & Wood Mallesons since my interview with Gemma and Jeniz.

When I arrived at King & Wood Mallesons, I met Caroline Sarson and Lauren Massey (the Graduate Recruitment team). The session had already started when I arrived, Andrew Dent (Diversity, Inclusion and Corporate Responsibility Manager) had spoken to our members regarding diversity and why it is important to KWM.

King & Wood Mallesons trainees joined us for the speed networking session, with groups of 5-6 members. Many questions were asked and the trainees were open and honest.

The networking lunch began and members mingled with the Graduate Recruitment team, trainees & Andrew Dent. Our members then had the opportunity to take a tour of KWM’s office, where we went up to the roof and had a moment to take in the beautiful view.

After lunch, Jane Middleton (Talent Development Manager) started the last session of the day: “Crack the networking habit”.  It was an active and helpful session, with trainees taking part in a practical exercise.    Jane said emphasised, “The savvy aspiring solicitors is widening their network to the wider community. Networking with individuals outside of the legal profession….plan, manage and shape your network”.  She put it into commercial context, “Firms are working really hard to network with clients rather than just focusing on transaction to transaction”.

“No one likes to feel networked with, put some credit in the bank first, that means having a real focus on giving and you have to focus on them first.”

Jane then opened the floor and members were able to ask questions in a relaxed and positive atmosphere. I could tell that the Aspiring Solicitors were taking everything in because of the questions they were putting to Jane were relevant and inquisitive.

The event was successful; at the end when I spoke to a few of our members, who shared with me their enjoyment and points they learnt from today. I am looking forward to attending more events with KWM.

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