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Interested in the New York Bar?

BARBRI International is delighted to become an Affiliate Member of Aspiring Solicitors. We believe our aims are very much aligned – to increase access to the legal profession, thereby promoting diversity.

It may come as a surprise to learn that there are options available to you beyond the traditional routes of becoming an English solicitor or barrister. The New York State Bar Association operates an ‘open-door’ policy in relation to international students who are the holders of a law degree that is “of substantive and durational equivalence” to the standard American JD. What this means for students who studied in the United Kingdom is that your three year LLB, in the vast majority of cases, makes you eligible to sit the New York Bar examination and qualify as a New York attorney-at-law.

But why would you do this? You live in the U.K., not the U.S., right? There are numerous reasons, the most important of which is that the U.S. attorney-at-law qualification is both globally recognised and internationally transferrable. Crucially, this provides you with OPTIONS – the option to practice as a lawyer beyond the British Isles, where the current market climate for law graduates is fiercely competitive. That’s not to say choosing to pursue an American attorney-at-law qualification precludes you from practicing in the U.K. – many law firms, particularly U.S. firms or international firms who deal with a lot of U.S. law, and multi-national corporations with large teams of corporate counsel, are open to hiring New York qualified attorneys. Additionally, upon qualifying as a New York attorney, you are eligible to sit the QLTS (that’s Qualifying Lawyer’s Transfer Test), to cross qualify as a UK solicitor. Within the space of two years you could be a fully qualified U.S. attorney and UK solicitor, for a fraction of the cost, no training contract required. The possibilities from there are endless.

For the past 45 years, BARBRI has been the market leader in U.S. bar exam preparation in the United States- it educates 85% of the U.S. market and in that time has graduated over 1.3 million alumni, including such illustrious figures as Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama. BARBRI International provides the same gold standard of education to non-U.S. qualified law graduates overseas, to ensure you pass your exam first time round, and are fast tracked down your career path to success.

–        The New York Bar is recognised worldwide as the pinnacle of professional legal qualification, and enables you to work almost anywhere that life may take you;

–        The route to qualifying requires no training contract – you study for the exam, sit and pass it (first time round through BARBRI International), and within seven months from start to finish, you can hold yourself out as a New York attorney, compared to the typical three plus years it takes to become an English solicitor or barrister (even more if you need to first pursue the GDL);

–        The total cost of studying for the New York Bar with BARBRI International is just £5,000, no hidden extras (and if the unlikely event you’re unlucky enough not to pass first time round with us, we don’t charge you anything to take our course again);

–        The New York Bar exam happens twice a year, in February and again in July – BARBRI International’s courses start in October and March respectively, with a five month lead in period. We also offer an intensive pre-course programme (at no extra cost) for those who really want to get ahead of the class, and we advise everyone takes this where possible;

–        Lectures happen on a Friday evening and all day Saturday, to allow you to work full time during the week while you’re studying, to gain invaluable legal or other work experience, and save to support your academic endeavours

So, if you are interested in the above, we suspect you might like to learn more about our unique scholarship and discount options with Aspiring Solicitors and a BARBRI networking event on 15th July?  If so, please click here.  Also, please feel free to contact our BARBRI Professional Ambassador Mairead Deevy clicking here.