“LGBT+ concerns and promotion are a primary focus of our equality and diversity forum.¬† In addition to promoting and supporting events such as Bristol PRIDE, Transgender Day of Remembrance, PRIME and LGBT history month, the TLT equality forum are funders of Bristol BYLaw and have also forged links with InterLaw to host London and regional events for their LGBT, disability and BAME networks.

We appreciate the value of diversity within the firm and our equal opportunities and comprehensive diversity agendas are communicated to every employee. Our commitment to equality and diversity is an essential element to achieving our firm-wide strategy. Having a diverse workforce increases our agility and client understanding that is reflective of the communities we work in as well as providing commercial benefits in terms of client and talent attraction.

Regular monitoring means that we are aware of the diverse profile of our employees and can ensure that our policies and working environment reflect what’s important to our people and clients. Rather than simply collecting data, we use this information to plan our annual objectives in respect of equality, diversity and inclusion. Our initiatives are fully integrated with our HR policies so that development and rewards are based on merit, without discrimination.”


Kate Clover - Learning and Organisational Development Manager

LGBT+ In Focus

  • Why does TLT place importance on Equality and diversity?

    TLT is very proud of its equality and diversity culture and is aware that this is a wide and far reaching issue. Statistics consistently prove that having both a diverse and inclusive workforce results in better outcomes for organisations as well as providing access to a wider pool of talent. The argument is why would you not be placing importance on such a key issue within your business?

  • What does TLT do to support diversity?

    TLT has for many years invested in a Diversity and Corporate Responsibility Advisor in post who oversees the many initiatives underway. We also have an active Equality forum that further supports this agenda bringing in people from across the business to raise the profile of diversity issues and highlight particular areas of focus within TLT. Some of its initiatives include TLT as a Disability Confident Employer, Deaf Mark and working with Aspiring Solicitors for a number of years. The forum supports and promotes events such as International Women’s Day, Global Parents Day and World Mental Health Day. We also look at our recruitment processes and this has had an impact on the diversity of new recruits, particularly in the graduate space.

  • Can LGBT+ lawyers be successful?

    LGBT+ lawyers can and are successful at TLT. What is more important for success at TLT is to show the TLT behaviours of being flexible, driven and supportive rather than basing this on an individual’s private life and preferences. We support our people to be respected regardless of their gender identity, ethnicity, background, ability, sexual orientation or status.

    We understand that it is important for our employees to be able to be their true selves in work and concentrate on the work in hand so that they can achieve the most out of their working life and of course for TLT.

  • Our upcoming visions?

    There is always considerable potential for more promotion of LGBT+ rights in the workplace and TLT will continue to focus its efforts in doing so. One such focus is working very closely with Interlaw to build our links with the diversity forum. We are working on building their network within our regional offices to break away from an historic London centric focus, working with them to support their aims and highlight opportunities to our employees. Our first step however is to develop this relationship, which is underway.

    We are currently undertaking  a review relating to mentoring employees within the firm and how best to tailor our current mentoring opportunities to our LGBT+ community. We are also looking into working with our suppliers more closely and helping them develop their equality and diversity provision with the aim of either raising standards or collaboration with them where appropriate.