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Hogan Lovells Lawyers’ Lunch Feedback

The Hogan Lovells Lawyers’ Lunch was a great experience for the selected Aspiring Solicitors members.  Please see the feedback on the event below:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Lawyers’ Lunch at Hogan Lovells. I found all of the trainees and the CEO to be very approachable and friendly. Therefore it is a firm that I would definitely feel comfortable applying to.   Today has confirmed my desire to apply to Hogan Lovells for a vacation scheme later on this year. “

“The Lawyers’ Lunch at Hogan Lovells was a very insightful day and extremely helpful. It was an amazing opportunity to meet with staff from the firm so that I could get a feel for the culture of the firm. The main thing that I learned from today was that Hogan Lovells pride themselves on their diversity and their culture of having an open door policy. This is something which really impressed me.  It has definitely encouraged me to apply to Hogan Lovells for a training contract. This was something I was already considering as I knew that they were an affiliate member of Aspiring Solicitors. It is somewhere where I would love to work.  Everyone I spoke to at Hogan Lovells mentioned how friendly the people are who work there. This was something which really stood out to me because Susan Bright stated that one reason why she has been at the firm for 25 years is because of how much she likes working with the people there.  Aspiring Solicitors is doing an incredible job at increasing diversity in the legal profession. Without this organisation, it would be a lot harder to visit city law firms. It gives us the opportunity to see how they operate and meet the people who work there.”

“The lunch was extremely useful in learning about Hogan Lovells and what differentiates them from their competitors. It was an intimate event which aided a better understanding of the firm as there was more contact with the Hogan Lovells attendees.  After the Lunch, I have been impressed by the friendly and open environment of the firm as evident through the way the lawyers interacted with each other. It was great to see the ethos of the firm being epitomised in the lawyers and event itself. I will be applying to Hogan Lovells for a vacation scheme to experience the work environment of the firm.  The chair (Richard) was extremely friendly and his route to law was relatable having himself come from a disadvantageous background. Laura and Alina were a pleasure to talk to.  Before hearing of Aspiring Solicitors, I was disheartened by numerous rejections for open days and vacation schemes but with the advice I received from Chris, I have now progressed to the final stage of a campus ambassador position. For me, this is indicative of the impact that Aspiring Solicitors has had on my road to a career in law and would probably have been stuck in a loop without the advice from Chris. One of the biggest obstacles diversity in law is the inability to compete when applying for formal placements with a firm, the unique events which Aspiring Solicitors organises seeks to resolve this. I am confident that the organisation will make the legal profession less homogenous.”

“I have found out more about what distinguishes Hogan Lovells from other firms in that it is globally balanced and operates as one singular firm. My impression of the firm from the day is that it is driven and determined but also friendly and supportive.”

“I thought that the day was brilliant – very organised and extremely useful when considering my future applications.  Hogan Lovells has made a huge impression on me and is now my first choice firm when applying in the future.   Previous to the event, I did not know much about Hogan Lovells. Now I would consider it to be a firm that I will definitely be applying to in the future. I thought everything about the day was excellent.”

“As a wheelchair user, the most memorable moment was when Chair of Hogan Lovells, Nicholas Cheffings knelt down to speak at eye level with me, which people rarely do. I was humbled by his action and it spoke volumes about his character.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Lawyer¹s Lunch at Hogan Lovells. It was a great opportunity for me to get further information about Hogan Lovells as a firm, as well as ask questions which I would not otherwise have the opportunity to ask.  Comparing the event at Hogan Lovells to similar events held by other law firms, the high calibre of Hogan Lovell¹s approach has encouraged me to apply for both a vacation scheme/training contract at the firm as a matter of priority.  Although everyone from Hogan Lovells met and exceeded my expectations, the trainee solicitors Katie Duval and Alex Driver stood out. The latter in particular was able to provide helpful information on routes into the firm and progression within, as well as the  working culture he had experienced so far.  My positive expectations of the culture at Hogan Lovells were affirmed by the event, which also helped to differentiate Hogan Lovells as a candidate for future applications for traineeships and vacation schemes.”

“The Lawyers’ Lunch at Hogan Lovells was truly insightful. Initially, I thought the very intimate affair would be intimidating, but my reservations were quickly dispelled by the firm’s open and collegiate culture.  The best part of the event was speaking to Mr. Cheffings, the Chair of Hogan Lovells, about the firm’s strategy in the next five years. I learnt a lot from our brief conversation! The graduate recruitment team and the trainees were all very  hospitable in welcoming us to the firm, but Mr. Cheffings’ personable character stood out for me. Gaining an insight into the firm’s culture has definitely changed my perception of the firm for the better.”

“The Lawyers Lunch at Hogan Lovells was very motivational and useful as I not only got an insight into the firm’s culture but I also managed to speak to some trainees and received useful tips on what I should do during my time at university. The trainees were very down to earth and friendly people who were more than happy to answer all the questions we had for them. They also provided a useful insight into the firm’s culture and what they do on a daily basis.  It has not only encouraged me to apply for the firm for a vacation scheme/training contract but it has also motivated me to work much harder during my time at university so that my academics as well as my extra curricular activities will be sufficient enough to secure a place at Hogal Lovells.  The best part of the event for me was the networking session we had towards the end of the event. It was very nice to speak to trainees. One of the trainees I spoke to had studied Law at university and so she provided me some useful information with regards to what modules would be good to pick at university when you have that option. She also talked about the application process when applying to the firm for training contracts. She also mentioned that she has received a secondment opportunity to go to Dubai.  I think the event was great as it was and I would not change anything about it.   I think the firm’s atmosphere is very friendly, the people who work there seem to genuinely want to help and I think these are very important factors to consider when applying to a firm. I particularly very much liked their stance on diversity as I believe diversity is a big issue in the legal world and the fact that Hogan Lovells puts so much emphasis on diversity really impressed me.”