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Why Diversity Is Important To Me

“According to the Collins English dictionary, diversity is ‘the state of being different or varied’. It can be along dimensions such as sex, gender, race, religion, education, or age. In recent years societies have become increasingly diverse due to the merging of cultures, that can be attributed to the increase in travel, immigration  and of course, the media. In my opinion diversity is integral to our existence and success. Our differences allow us to evolve as a species by learning from each other.

In more practical terms, I believe encouraging diversity in the workplace leads to fresh ideas and perceptions.  Harnessing the differences in people and getting them to work together allows a company to adapt to the ever changing world and to create a premium service that has been considered from all view points.

I think that the perception of diversity has improved dramatically and equal opportunities are ever increasing.  However, it is clear to see that in professions such as law there are a number of factors that make it more difficult to achieve equality. These factors are things such as; entry requirements for law being incredibly high in the majority of universities, it is a career that is heavily influenced by contacts and there is a definite stereotypical image of how a lawyer should look and behave. I believe every lawyer or aspiring lawyer should get the same chances and the same opportunities to succeed.

To me personally, diversity is important because it allows me to adapt myself, it helps me to overcome cultural and language barriers, it allows me to develop my skills by learning from others and makes me a more rounded individual. Ultimately, I want to be a lawyer who can represent and understand all people, from all walks of life.”

Thank you to Jessie Cockhill who wrote this inspiring article.  Jessie is the new Aspiring Solicitors Student Ambassador at Swansea University.  If you would like to become a Student Ambassador or Representative at your institution, please email