Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

A common mental health condition in which a person has obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours.


The loss of the ability to move some or all of the body.


Impairment in motor or sensory function of the lower extremities.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

An anxiety disorder caused by very stressful, frightening or distressing events.


Preconceived opinion, dislike or hostility that is not based on reason or actual experience.

Protected Characteristics

Characteristics protect under the Equality Act 2010 including: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership (in employment only), pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.


The Equality Act 2010 defines race as including colour, nationality or ethnic or national origins.


Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

Reasonable Adjustments

When someone meets the definition of a disabled person in the Equality Act 2010, employers are required to make reasonable adjustments to any elements of the job which place a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage compared to non- disabled people.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

A type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern.


A long, rectangular scarf popular in the Gulf region. It is wrapped around the head and tucked or pinned in place at the shoulders. It is considered a form of a hijab in the form of a half niqab with part of the face still appearing.

Social Anxiety

A long-lasting and overwhelming fear of social situations.

Social Mobility

The change in social status of a person relative to their familial socioeconomic background.


A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person, culture or concept.

Straight Ally

Someone who is supportive of the LGBT+ community.


A fringed, poncho-like garment traditionally worn either under or over one’s clothing by Jewish males.


Some degree of paralysis in all four limbs.

Tourette’s syndrome

A condition that causes a person to make involuntary sounds and movements called tics.

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