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Why is commercial awareness important to the Dechert trainee recruitment process? 

Dechert is relentlessly focussed on client needs. Clients tend to have business problems, not just legal problems. When we see things from the perspective of our clients, we tend to be able to offer better advice and better service. It therefore follows that our trainee solicitors have to see the bigger picture beyond the legal text books. The legal advice they will give as trainees, and then as solicitors, has to be in context within our clients’ business.

An interest in commercial matters and the business world in which we operate is therefore crucial in a trainee at Dechert. This, together with communication skills, logical thinking and team work will all be tested during our trainee recruitment application and selection process.

Why is Dechert supporting the Commercial Awareness Competition?

We are passionate supporters of Aspiring Solicitors, everything it stands for and all that it is trying to achieve. We have been impressed by all of the students that we have interacted with who have been introduced to us through Aspiring Solicitors. We are supporting the Commercial Awareness Competition as we wish to support Aspiring Solicitors’ vision to provide opportunities to students from under-represented groups to help them on their journey to gain legal training contracts and develop essential skills that will help them as trainee solicitors.

What is Dechert hoping to achieve from supporting the Commercial Awareness Competition? 

In the 2017 Commercial Awareness Competition we met a large number of extremely impressive candidates. Following the competition final in March 2017 we invited a number of finalists to Dechert’s office to undertake a vacation scheme or other work experience. We are delighted that 3 2017 finalists will be joining us as trainee solicitors in 2019. By supporting the Commercial Awareness Competition this year we hope to meet and recruit excellent students into our 2020 trainee intake, as well as contributing to the skills development of all students involved in the competition.

Why is diversity and inclusion important to Dechert? 

At Dechert, our mission in the area of diversity and inclusion is: to maintain an inclusive environment that cultivates and values different backgrounds and perspectives in order to serve our employees, clients and communities; to harness the power of difference to enrich our firm and our relationships with clients by offering diverse teams of talented, productive professionals; to create equal and fair access to all aspects of firm life which reflects the diversity of the world in which we practice; and to uphold our commitment to diversity by being a leader in the field through innovative initiatives and sustained diligence.

What advice/information you would like to share with entrants to the Commercial Awareness Competition this year? 

Commercial awareness is an extremely important attribute of a successful training contract candidate. However, it’s not the only attribute that we are looking for. A trainee solicitor at Dechert must also display excellent communication and organisation skills, work well in a team, be a good presenter and have an engaging personality. The Commercial Awareness Competition allows participants to practice and demonstrate all of these skills, and when we meet you at the competition we will be considering all of these attributes. During the competition you will be meeting sponsor firm representatives, and you should use every opportunity to display the range of skills we are looking for – not just those of commercial awareness.