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Commercial Work Experience in Summer 2014 With Aspiring Solicitors

As you know, Aspiring Solicitors is dedicated to levelling the playing field for aspiring solicitors looking to access the legal profession.  One of the key issues our members have asked us to help them with has been “commercial awareness”.  So, Aspiring Solicitors thought we would utilise the summer months in 2014 to assist students to increase their commercial awareness by offering a variety of commercial work experiences.

The Opportunities

There are a range of opportunities available to Aspiring Solicitors members to work with Aspiring Solicitors which will increase your commercial awareness (whilst simultaneously helping to increase diversity in the legal profession).  We have 40 roles available for students to develop their commercial awareness.

How do I apply?

To apply for commercial work experience role please:

1) confirm your name, university and graduation date and Aspiring Solicitors Student Ambassador/Representative role (where applicable)

2) provide up to 50 words on why you would like to assist Aspiring Solicitors this summer

3) confirm when you are available this summer

Please send this email to Aspiring Solicitors by clicking here.


There is no deadline for these opportunities but opportunities will be considered on a rolling basis until all roles are filled.  Please register your interest as soon as possible.