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Commercial Awareness Competition 2017/18: Registered Uni Teams

Aspiring Solicitors Commercial Awareness CompetitionThe Commercial Awareness Competition 2017/18 team registrations has now closed with 500 teams registered and 1500 Aspiring Solicitors members entering! A record year for the competition which promises to be an even more impressive competition this year (if that was even possible)!

Despite an amazing last day flurry from Sussex and Bristol, Queen Mary clung onto the most registered teams top spot!  Congratulations Queen Mary University London!  Time will tell after each round whether you maintain your top spot of teams in the competition…!  We will update you all after each round so ensure you follow the updates!

We will shortly be circulating an email containing the link for registered teams to book their Round 1 call with Aspiring Solicitors.  Ahead of that email, we will email all registered teams interim next steps to help prepare for Round 1.  Best of luck to all entrants!

The final university registered team standings are as follows (with 2016 vs 2017 comparisons too).

2017 RankUniversity2016 Teams2017 TeamsRegistered Team Difference 2016 to 20172017 RankUniversity2016 Teams2017 TeamsRegistered Team Difference 2016 to 2017
1Queen Mary University of London2327↑415University of Greenwich04↑4
2University of Sussex424↑2015SOAS04↑4
3King’s College London1519↑415University of Lincoln04↑4
4University of Birmingham1618↑215University of Aston04↑4
5University of Bristol161616Royal Holloway, University of London23↑1
6University Of Law1714↓316University of Surrey43↓1
7BPP University1713↓416Northumbria University33
7University of York213↑1116Oxford Brookes33
8University of Leeds912↑316University of Winchester23↑1
8Cardiff University312↑916University of Central Lancashire23↑1
9University of East Anglia311↑816University of St. Andrews23↑1
9University of Westminster611↑516Middlesex University13↑2
9University of Manchester311↑816Brighton University13↑2
10London School of Economics89↑116University of Huddersfield13↑2
10City, University Of London89↑116University of Hertfordshire13↑2
11University of Liverpool28↑617Birmingham City University02↑2
12University of Warwick48↑417De Montfort University12↑1
12Durham University47↑317Kingston University22
12University of Portsmouth27↑517University of Edinburgh22
12University of Kent67↑117University of Exeter22
12University of Sheffield27↑517University of Wolverhampton12↑1
12University of Leicester47↑317Cumbria University12↑1
12University of Reading17↑617Anglia Ruskin University02↑2
12Keele University07↑717Lancaster University02↑2
12University of Hull07↑718Brunel University London11
13University College London146↓818Open University11
13University of Oxford26↑418University of Aberdeen11
13Newcastle University26↑418University of Bath11
13University of Bedfordshire06↑618University of Southampton11
14University of Cambridge25↑318University of Strathclyde11
14University of Nottingham5518Dundee University11
14University of West England15↑418Northampton University01↑1
14Queen’s University Belfast25↑318University of Roehampton01↑1
14St Mary’s University London25↑318Trinity College Dublin01↑1
14Coventry University15↑418Bournemouth University01↑1