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Bristows event with Aspiring Solicitors

On the 10th November, Aspiring Solicitors and our members had a networking lunch with Bristows. I was looking forward to the lunch to hear more about the firm from trainees and partners as well as hearing what they plan to do to increase diversity.


I was quite early for the event, so I was able to have a chat with Bristows’ lovely receptionists, we spoke about the ‘hot topic of the day’, Trump winning the US elections. Soon, Gemma had arrived and we had half an hour to set up and prepare for our attending members.

May Worvill (Bristows’ Graduate Resourcing and Alumni Manager) came and introduced herself and ran through today’s agenda for the networking lunch.

Once we had the majority of our members in attendance, Gemma began with an introduction, making the members feel more at ease.

Then, Andy Bowler (Partner in Intellectual Property Litigation) gave us a talk about Bristows and what it is like to be a partner in one of the firm’s main practice areas.  Andy gave us an example of IP using Apple, “Apple registered the iPhone as a trademark and that allows Apple through the courts to prevent other manufacturers calling their product iPhone or changing it to iFone.  This is done to prBristows Aspiring Solicitors event November 2016event other companies using a trademark and to ensure consumers do not become confused about the origins of the product.”

Andy joked “IP is not like a racy legal drama but it’s still pretty interesting, at Bristows you have two groups of IP lawyers; you have the litigators who handle contentious matters and then you have transactional IP.  We also have trade mark attorneys.”

After Andy’s informative talk, we then moved into the networking lunch, where we were joined by associates and trainees. We had good hour of networking and it was nice to walk around the room and hear AS members practise their networking skills and very important questions.

Again we had a successful #ASevent and we look forward to working alongside Bristows with its endeavour to increase diversity.

Tineka- Aspiring Solicitors Social Media Assistant

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