Aspiring Solicitor of the month

The Aspiring Solicitor of the Month award is unique.  The winners of this award over the last three years have gone onto secure multiple vacation schemes and training contracts with law firms and legal teams throughout the UK.

To be considered for the monthly award, winners must have solid academic grades at university (we do take into account mitigating circumstances), have shown a strong commitment to pursue a legal career and also have shown commitment to increase diversity in the legal profession and/or assisting others in the community.

The CVs for all monthly winners are forwarded to the Founder and Affiliate members of Aspiring Solicitors.  We are delighted to note that many firms regularly contact these students to invite them to various events/legal opportunities.

If you would like to nominate someone for this award or nominate yourself, please submit the following form, which you can access here  You will need to submit the following via the form or via the link provided on the form:

  • Your latest CV (with latest % module grades for each year where applicable)
  • Your photo (which, if you are successful, will be published on the website)
  • 100 words demonstrating your commitment to the legal profession
  • 100 words demonstrating your commitment to increase diversity in the legal profession and/or assisting others in the community

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