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Assessment Day Tips

Please see below some useful hints and tips for succeeding at law firm assessment days.  This information was provided to an Aspiring Solicitors member from a Professional Ambassador!

Group Exercise

From this exercise, it is important to make sure that your voices are heard, and you contribute with thoughtful responses. It is important to listen to others, as you are not there just to talk over everyone else. Make sure that you take an active approach on which role that you would be taking on – i.e. are you the leader of the discussion? Time keeper? Organiser? etc. I know you feel like you are in a competition with the other candidates, but it is important to remember that they are also testing your skill on team work so don’t take on a competitive edge too strongly. Also, try and reach a conclusion during this exercise if you need to. Although they’ll tell you that you don’t have to, I personally don’t think it looks good if you don’t.

Competency Interview

Make sure you are confident, and be comfortable in the environment. It is obviously easier said than done, but being confident allows your personality to come through. Remember that if you have been invited to the interview, you’ve ticked the right boxes on paper already, and they now want to know if you will fit into the firm. For example, the very first interview I attended, in hindsight, I was very rigid, robotic, re-read a “script”, and afterwards I felt very shaky. However, in my successful interviews, I can honestly say that I was not nervous at all afterwards – in fact, I felt like I had a very nice chat with the interviewers for a while. When I talked to other candidates who were successful, they said a very similar experience to me – they felt like they had a really nice chat. I feel like this really comes down to confidence+preparation. Also remember STAR (situation, Task,  Action, Result) – I was told it’s something like 10%: 40%: 40%: 10% when you are using the STAR technique.

Document Exercise

Usually, you are given bunch of information which you have to read through and then in the interview, the partners will ask you questions on the documents you’ve read. don’t make up answers if you don’t know – just say you need time to read through it one more time and they’ll understand. this is not a memory test so as long as if you just take your time, and answer as in much detail as possible and you’ll be fine.