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Aspiring Solicitors Of The Month

The February Aspiring Solicitors Of The Month are:

–        Antonia Anderson, City University London; and

–        Polde Petek, Sussex University.

Both Polde and Antonia have excellent academics, they have demonstrated a commitment to improving their transferable skills through work experience and have also demonstrated an outstanding commitment to diversity through Aspiring Solicitors and other voluntary initiatives.

CVs of each of these aspiring solicitors have been sent to all of the Founder Members and Affiliates of Aspiring Solicitors and others are able to request their information via

Congratulations Antonia and Polde!

Antonia Anderson

Antonia Anderson Aspiring Solicitors[1]

Antonia is a second year Law student at City University London and is on track for a high 2:1. As Head of the Employability Committee for Aspiring Solicitors City, Antonia leads and works with a team of volunteers to promote Aspiring Solicitors and to organise careers events for law students. Antonia has also contributed by creating a guide to writing vacation scheme and training contract applications for the Aspiring Solicitors website in order to help increase access, opportunity and assistance to the legal profession.

Since 2012, Antonia has been involved in increasing diversity, in her role as a Widening Participation Student Ambassador at City. She participates in university open days to motivate school pupils from underrepresented backgrounds to consider applying to university and pursuing a professional career.

Another position of responsibility that Antonia enjoys is her role as an elected Programme Representative for the LLB course at City University. Acting as a channel of communication, she negotiates at Student-Staff Liaison and Board of Studies meetings in order to effect change. This year, she has successfully arranged for City law students to have access to an online subscription to the Economist, as well as the Financial Times, and has encouraged plans to have lectures recorded for students who miss classes due to religious holidays and other commitments.

Antonia has demonstrated her commitment to a career in commercial law by completing the SEO Corporate Law First Year Programme and through her participation in Corporate Finance workshops. Getting involved with these workshops has allowed her to develop the skill of balancing legal and commercial issues in order to find effective solutions to the problems that clients may face. Antonia is looking to build on her skills by securing work experience and a training contract at a commercial law firm.

If you are part of a graduate recruitment team for a commercial law firm and would be keen to consider Antonia’s CV, please email

Polde Petek

PoldePolde is the Aspiring Solicitors Ambassador for Sussex University.  Not only has his leadership skills helped to ensure that Sussex University has one of the largest volumes of registered Aspiring Solicitors members and social media followings, he supplements his leadership and organisational skills with excellent academic grades and work experience, reflecting that he is truly committed to a career at a top City law firm.

Perhaps two of his greatest strengths are his excellent communication skills and teamwork (he may have developed these during his international participation and top three international finishes for the Slovenian ski and judo teams)!  His fluent grasp of 5 languages also helps Polde to communicate with a range of different nationalities.  The numerous positions of responsibility Polde has held (and continues to uphold) defines his drive and ambition.

If the above wasn’t enough, Polde is also committed to increasing diversity, not just in law, but throughout society.  In addition to being the Student Ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors at Sussex University, Polde assists Slovenian students to study in England.  This assistance includes helping Slovenian students with UCAS forms, helping them to find accommodation and making it easier to enter a completely new and unknown environment.

Polde commented “In commercial law, creative ideas are instrumental for thinking outside of the box, which often leads to the best results. Diversity is therefore crucial to success and should be welcomed at all levels.”

If you are part of a graduate recruitment team for a City commercial law firm and would be keen to consider Polde’s CV, please email