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Aspiring Solicitors Of The Month- April

Aspiring Solicitors is constantly in awe of the talented individuals it assists and meets.  This month, the Aspiring Solicitors Of The Month Award goes to three exceptional individuals:

  • Janey Hurran- University of York
  • Ryan Donnelly- University of Manchester
  • Faiza Bishi-  University of Hertfordshire

Congratulations to all three of you, your CVs will be sent to all Founder and Affiliate members who may wish to speak to you further in due course!

Janey Hurran

IMG_1993Janey is a third year Philosophy student at the University of York.  With an excellent academic record, achieving a high 2:1 in both first and second year, whilst so far achieving a 1:1 in her third year, she is confident in her abilities to begin a promising career in law.  With a variety of work experience from high-street firms, in-house and top commercial city firms, Janey has truly solidified her commitment to a career in a City law firm.

Through her role as the Ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors at the University of York, Janey has confidently developed her leadership and communication skills, essential for becoming a successful commercial lawyer. She has set up the Aspiring Solicitors presence at York, building solid relationships with the Law Department, Law Society and Career’s Team to ensure the current success of Aspiring Solicitors to increase diversity and support at her university, and most importantly, to secure a strong foundation at York for the years to come.

Janey has successfully led her Aspiring Solicitors’ committee to begin increasing diversity at York.  As a non-law student, a first generation graduate and with no connections in law herself, diversity and support for under-represented groups is incredibly important to her.  The York committee has now begun producing commercial awareness newsletters, increasing awareness over the pro bono opportunities and increasing communications with groups such as LBGT and the careers departments to improve understanding, particularly for non-law students.

As the Ambassador, Janey organised, promoted and executed a well-attended and highly successful Aspiring Solicitors event at York, along with the Law Society and particularly the Head of Non-Law representatives, to ensure maximum diversity at the event.  Balancing her studies with her university responsibilities, along with her horse eventing career and her charity volunteering efforts in Vietnam and Thailand, Janey has developed many of the essential skills to become a lawyer and wants to continue her involvement in initiatives such as Aspiring Solicitors to keep increasing diversity in her future career.

Ryan Donnellyphoto (1)

Ryan Donnelly is a second year law student at the University of Manchester.  He is also the Student Ambassador at the University of Manchester.

Ryan has gained a range of experiences in the legal profession. He has spent time at a criminal law firm, the Northern Ireland Law Society and a number of large commercial law firms in London. He has a strong academic record and an astute analytical mind.

Ryan became involved with Aspiring Solicitors because he truly values diversity. Hailing from Northern Ireland, he has found diversity at the University of Manchester inspiring. He commented “To be able to work with people from all over the world, and from all walks of life, has been extremely rewarding. I am keen to work in a similarly diverse culture in the future. Together with Santiago Lev, I have worked hard towards establishing Aspiring Solicitors at Manchester through promoting opportunities and diversities. We have organised our first workshop for the end of April and it is sure to be a great success. I have really enjoyed assisting other students to take advantage of the opportunities Aspiring Solicitors provides.”

Aside from Ryan’s commitment to diversity, academics and law, his graphic design skills have also been a great asset to Aspiring Solicitors with posters and other design work.

Outside of the law and academics Ryan is a keen musician. He plays the bass guitar, the electric guitar and the piano. He has  been involved in a wide range of musical groups, such as rock bands, jazz bands and a gospel choir. He also has a keen interest in sports, playing rugby for the university law society team as well as basketball and golf.

Faiza Bishiphoto (30)

Faiza Bishi is currently a final year undergraduate at Hertfordshire University studying Law (LLB) and is on track to achieve a first class honours degree. Faiza is extremely passionate about increasing diversity in the legal profession and is the Vice Ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors at her university. She is actively involved in promoting the organisation as well as co-ordinating and overseeing workshops at her University, particularly those that aim to enhance commercial awareness.

Faiza has a very strong academic record and is thoroughly committed to a career in law, having worked part-time in a law firm since 2009. She has had a wide range of exposure to the legal field and has recently completed international work experience with a Magic Circle law firm.

Faiza is a very passionate and personable individual who takes pride in the fact that she is committed to helping others. Having been selected as Head of the Charity Committee at her Sixth Form she has over the years continued to help raise money for organisations such as ‘GOSH’ (Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Children’s Charity), Cancer Research UK and ACLT (African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust) and will be seeking a lot of pro bono opportunities later on in the year.

Faiza has always been very innovative and has even put in plans to launch her own online business at the beginning of May 2014. She has a very strong work ethic and worked 24 hours a week for the majority of her time at university.

Faiza believes that diversity in the legal profession is no longer seen as an ‘added bonus’, rather a necessity that helps to improve its overall workability. She also feels that it is essential that legal professionals recognise the significance of creating a welcoming and comfortable working environment for everyone, regardless of their background, culture or lifestyle.