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Aspiring Solicitors Lawyers Lunch (January)


Chloe Squibb, aspiring solicitor from Southampton University

 “Attending the January Lawyers Lunch was a really insightful experience. Being provided with the opportunity to ask numerous questions to experienced solicitors was hugely useful. The atmosphere was very relaxed and this made it much easier to comprehend the answers and advice that was given.

Above all, the lunch really motivated me to continue seeking a legal career despite numerous obstacles that aspiring solicitors encounter. I learnt that despite such obstacles, as long as you continue to be determined and actively seek opportunities to enhance your CV, a successful career in law is possible.

The unbiased advice I received at the lunch, I am sure I will remember for the entirety of my degree and beyond.

I would like to thank Chris for organising the lunch as I believe such events are crucial to demonstrate that determined aspiring solicitors can succeed in law despite the barriers underrepresented groups face.

I would highly recommend the experience to any aspiring solicitor as it provided a rare and informal insight into the legal profession and the opportunities I hope will be available to me when I graduate.”


Yana Usherenko-Fialkova, aspiring solicitor from City University London

“The January Aspiring Solicitors Lawyers Lunch was a fantastic occasion for me. As every international student knows (as well as all other aspiring solicitors) it is incredibly difficult to get your foot in a door of a legal company.

The Aspiring Solicitors Lawyers Lunch gave me support and assurance.  Chris was incredibly friendly and helpful. He is a fountain of advice regardless of the stage of your legal career. Even if you are only considering the possibility of becoming a lawyer you would definitely get a great deal from this opportunity.

In short, the Aspiring Solicitors Lawyers Lunch is a great opportunity for any aspiring solicitor and I would highly recommend taking this chance to every law student or graduate.”