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Aspiring Solicitors First Year Plus

Aspiring Solicitors First Year PlusWe are excited to announce the launch of a brand new bespoke programme for First Year Aspiring Solicitors members.  This exciting programme, Aspiring Solicitors First Year Plus (AS 1st Yr +) will take place across the UK and will equip First Year students with the insight and assistance to get ahead with your legal career.

What’s involved?

AS 1st Yr + Workshops

Participants in AS 1st Yr + will benefit from a small workshop delivered by Founder of Aspiring Solicitors, Chris White, Head of Employability (and former Graduate Recruitment Manager) Gemma Baker and A cross section of Professionals Ambassadors.

AS 1st Yr + Competition

Following the workshop, participants will enter a unique individual 1st Year competition testing and developing a range of transferable skills and attributes (that law firms expect to see) against other 1st Year students throughout the UK.

AS 1st Yr + Law firm events

Following the competition, participants will benefit from a range of interactions with various law firms and legal professionals, again, aimed at developing and enhancing various transferable skills and attributes.

When does it begin/run?

The deadline for submitting your interest in AS 1st Yr + will be 9 am on Friday 6 January (although we reserve the right to close applications earlier where demand requires us to do so)

Workshops- these will run from 16-30 January in locations across the UK.

Competition- this will take place 13 February-10 March and will be combined with phone calls and events in person across the UK.

Law firm events- these will take place 27-31 March.

How to apply?

To apply for the AS 1st Yr + programme you must:

  • be an Aspiring Solicitors member
  • be a first year student studying an undergraduate degree
  • meet relevant diversity criterion (as this opportunity is designed to assist and develop confidence and belief in AS members from a range of underrepresented groups) which is outlined on the registration form
  • submit your CV and complete relevant online tests we will provide in due course

To apply for the AS 1st Yr + programme, please click HERE.

Further information

There will be limited places available on this programme so please ensure you apply ASAP.