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The Aspiring Solicitors Commercial Awareness Competition Round 1 Week 3

Aspiring Solicitors Commercial Awareness Competition




The team names (and captains) to progress to Round 2 from our Round 1 calls week 3 (in order of most points obtained) are:

Round 1 Week 1 RankingTeam NamePointsCaptain
1Team Name: RA Corporate30.6Maria Teresa Vitiello
2Team Name: Prestige Worldwide29.5Ee Hsien Tan
3Team Name: Innovalegals29.4Kaajal Shah
4Team Name:  A salt with a deadly weapon29.3Dorothy Tan
5Team Name: Inner circle29.25Nigar Rustamova
6Team Name: FTSE 528Bonnie Obeng-Dominguez
7Team Name: Commercium Squad Goals28Farah Tinn
8Team Name: Team Rocket 427.2Oluwakorede Atanda
9Team Name: #FiveGuys26Alex Wolverson
10Team Name: Ad Infinitum and beyond26Harinder Dhillon
11Team Name: Et Alors25.8Bernard Mustafa
12Team Name: Joan of Arc25Melissa Amroun
13Team Name: SVCC25Claudia Chan
14Team Name: ArbitrAgents24.8Micah Hall
15Team Name: International aspiring lawyers24.75Haejin Hong
16Team Name: Sharkey and Co24.2Adis Sehic
17Team Name: The Fixers23.85Linton Robinson
18Team Name: We know words23.55Sae Hun Jang
19Team Name: Endeavour23.3Olivia Spong
20Team Name: Equity’s Darlings23.25Shayan Farooqi
21Team Name: Transnational Society23Bernard Hor
22Team Name: CIty Elites23Liz Kwok
23Team Name: Barely Legal22.85Ahmed Walley
24Team Name: Young Advocates22.5Zainab Oyenuga
25Team Name: Dumplings22.25Alex Jewkes
26Team Name: Monopoly22.15Hollie Plumb
27Team Name: M.I.C.E.22.1Matthew Hogan
28Team Name: The Well Hung Jury22.05Gregory Ong
29Team Name: In The News22Naina Pagarani
30Team Name: Law for Non-Law22Lucy Wickham
31Team Name: KAPRI21.8Alexandra McAdam
32Team Name: platypodes21.8Antonia Boyce
33Team Name: the outsiders21.5Julia Calderón Carcedo
34Team Name: Not From Kansas21.5Sherlly Alceus
35Team Name: Nexis21.5Oliver Smith
36Team Name: F521.5Emily Shiyi Lau
37Team Name: Cognisant Enterprise21.45Liam Maher
38Team Name: Higher Flyers21.35Benjamin Foster
39Team Name: ALJ21Lydia Stewart
40Team Name: Swansea’s Elite21Constantinos Kalemis
41Team Name: The Wild Bunch20.675Lawrence Mansfield
42Team Name: Gold Rush20.5Rosa Campbell
43Team Name: Queens JD 220.5Jonathan Toma
44Team Name: CLMK20.25Caroline Chu
45Team Name: Whitman & Associates20.25Sara Marinoni
46Team Name: Legal Eagles 320.2Lauren Banner
47Team Name: Strenuis Ardua Cedunt20.15Maria Moskova
48Team Name: Team Rocket 220.1Olivia Ved
49Team Name: Caik19.85Pui Ku
50Team Name: Syndicate 1319.8Dominic Mbanu
51Team Name: Cawal19.75Ho Wah Jiang
52Team Name: Limitless19.5Fezan Khan
53Team Name: Y Graddedigion19.35Nia Roberts
54Team Name: Business as usual 419.3dylan mcburney
55Team Name: Litt Up 419Agata Siuchninska
56Team Name: Themis19Sophia Sari
57Team Name: Cicero’s Children18.95Jack Bizzell
58Team Name: Justitia18.9Peter Fields
59Team Name: SJ²P18.85Jade Levin
60Team Name: Suits QUB18.55Caoimhe O’Hagan
61Team Name: Team Enterprise18.55Michael Sunkin
62Team Name: GDL Team18.5Olivia Galliano
63Team Name: Team Acquisition18.5Oliver Clayson
64Team Name: FTSE 4 CASS18.5Cristal Smart
65Team Name: JDL LLP18.5Maya Cohen

If your team name isn’t listed above, unfortunately you have not progressed to Round 2 but we look forward to assisting you to enter the legal profession moving forward.