Aspiring Solicitors 2019/20 Campus Ambassador Applications

Our campus ambassadors play an invaluable role in promoting Aspiring Solicitors at their university or institution, and ensuring that many more students can find out about the services and assistance we offer.  They help us plan events and workshops, manage their university’s Facebook page to promote our opportunities, and provide insights into how best we can reach out to more members.

In return, our ambassadors are able to develop key transferable skills to enhance their CV and application forms, and have the opportunity to attend employability events and coaching.

Last year we had ambassadors at over 40 UK and Irish universities and in 2019/20 we have increased the number of institutions to over 60.

Applications for our 2019/20 ambassador programme are now closed.

If you have any questions about our campus ambassador programme, please email Arjun, Jag or Michelle, our Universities and Student Liaison Officers, at