Aspiring Solicitor of the Month- April 2020

Congratulations to our Member of the Month winner for April 2020, Chau Nguyen!

Chau moved to the UK in 2013 and completed her Religious Education GCSE 2 months later, achieving an A*. After this successful start to her new life in a new country, she went on to achieve a further 8 A*s and 1 A and completed AS Mathematics in Year 11. For A-levels, Chau completed Mathematics, Economics, History and Psychology, achieving 2A*s and 2As respectively, and an EPQ on whether law shapes the society or vice versa. Chau successfully applied to Cambridge University, where she is currently in her third year studying law, having achieved a 2.1 in previous years.

During her A Levels, Chau participated in the Model Law Commission where she analysed the insanity law and suggested potential reforms. This sparked her interest in the legal sector, which she further explored through work experience at HFW, gaining a deeper understanding of life as a solicitor. During the summer, Chau completed an internship at Mayer Brown in Hanoi, which allowed a unique perspective on how an international law firm operates. She has now secured vacation schemes at Stephenson Harwood and Dentons, where she hopes to apply her legal knowledge and further explore her interest in the specific legal sectors.

As Aspiring Solicitors’ Campus Ambassador, Chau assisted in spreading the important message of increasing diversity in the legal sector through a multitude of ways, such as freshers’ fair, talks about the application process and regular posts on the exciting opportunities Aspiring Solicitors offer. She also assisted with other programmes, such as the Cambridge Sixth Form Law Conference and Teach First Future Easter School, giving sixth form students a deeper understanding of life as a law student. Additionally, Chau participates in her college’s weekly access programmes for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to assist them in their application to Cambridge.