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Aspiring Solicitor(s) Of The Month

Aspiring Solicitors is assisted by a fantastic team of Student Ambassadors and Representatives across the UK.  Without these Ambassadors and Representatives, Aspiring Solicitors would not be able to assist as many aspiring solicitors from underrepresented backgrounds.

Aspiring Solicitors believes that it is important to recognise outstanding contributions to diversity.  Therefore, the “Aspiring Solicitors Of The Month” award recognises outstanding contributions to Aspiring Solicitors as well as the qualities and abilities of outstanding individuals themselves.

Selecting the Aspiring Solicitor Of The Month is very difficult.  It is based on:

  1. an aspiring solicitors’ contribution to increasing diversity in their academic institution as Aspiring Solicitors Amabassadors or Representatives or other volunteers;
  2. recommendations from the Aspiring Solicitors Ambassador/Vice Ambassador/Representatives/volunteers or other third parties; and
  3. the ability and personality of the aspiring solicitor.

The Aspiring Solicitors Of The Month will be announced in the last week of each month and recommendations should be sent to as applicable.   Please ensure you state the name of the individual and university in any recommendation.

Aspiring Solicitor(s) Of The Month (January)

The Aspiring Solicitors Of The Month for January are Sibel Vurdu and Alice Brunning.

Sibel Vurdu

Sibel is the Aspiring Solicitors Ambassador for Queen Mary University London.  Sibel has not only co-ordinated a great team of Aspiring Solicitors members at Queen Mary (which has the largest Facebook following of any university in the UK), she has also demonstrated outstanding organisational skills, communication skills and teamwork throughout her role as Ambassador to date.

Sibel graduated from Essex University with an upper 2:1 honours in Law (including a first class grade for contract law) and is currently studying a Masters degree in Law and Economics at Queen Mary (where she is predicated a distinction).  Aside from Sibel’s powerful academics, it is her “extra curricular” activities that reflect her dedication, motivation and commitment to a career in commercial law.  In her spare time at Essex University, Sibel designed and implemented a new course initiative (alongside her own studies) which addressed commercial awareness education for law students enabling them to get this knowledge accredited on their transcripts.  Law students at Essex University are now accredited for their commercial awareness in the end of year transcripts.  To reinforce her commercial awareness prowess, Sibel obtained a MBA (masters level) commercial awareness award for business awareness on innovation, strategy, leadership and marketing (from Holborn BPP Law School).

SIBELSibel is extremly personable and has excellent people skills.  I have received various comments from directors and professionals alike who have met Sibel and have praised her intellect, commercial awareness and her excellent people skills.

To cap all of the above, Sibel is also committed to the Aspiring Solicitors goal of increasing diversity in the legal profession.  Sibel explains that “diversity successfully encourages creativity and innovation, therefore improving services, reputation and understanding of client needs. Aspiring Solicitors aims to increase diversity within the legal industry, adopting a practical approach through operating within universities across the UK.”

If you are part of a graduate recruitment team for a City commercial law firm and would be keen to consider Sibel’s CV, please email

Alice Brunning

Alice is also an Ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors at Essex University.  She has helped to create the second largest following of aspiring solicitors across the UK.  Alice is studying law and is predicated a first class honours degree.

Alice was instrumental in engaging one of the Aspiring Solicitors Founder Members to become involved with Aspiring Solicitors through her great networking skills.  She has co-ordinated and managed a number of events and workshops for aspiring solicitors at Essex University over the last 4 months, including a talk from in-house legal counsel from Virgin Atlantic.  Her dedication and commitment to helping others with their academics and careers is admirable and inspiring.

Alice is also keen to assist others outside of her academic institution. She trained for over a year in order to assist the Samaritans charity as a listening volunteer. This role Involved being there for others when they were contemplating suicide or in severe distress, teaching her valuable listening and empathetic skills.  She is committed to diversity and believes that “diversity is something which should be apparent within any organisation including law Alice Brunningfirms/teams.  Everyone should be given the same opportunities to practice where they possess the necessary intellect and personality and this should be reflected by a mixture of backgrounds and cultures within the office.”

If you are part of a graduate recruitment team for a commercial law firm and would be keen to consider Alice’s CV, please email